About The Park

You found us online! Come on in, kick our tires, find out if The Park Church is a great fit for you and your family. We are a church, a collection of people, a community who seeks to live out our lives and our faith in response to God’s over the top love for us. And we do this in blue jeans and t-shirts, while trying to pay our mortgages, buy our groceries, and remain excited about our careers and care for our kids.

The simple message at The Park United Methodist Church is that God is desperately in love with each of us and we live our lives in response to that love by experiencing God’s Love in creative ways, connecting with others and connecting others with God and serving God by serving our community.

At The Park United Methodist Church we help people connect to a growing experience of Jesus Christ – and we have a fantastic band leading us in worship on Sunday mornings! Consider yourself invited…we’ve been preparing for you to be our guest both on this web site as well as on Sunday mornings. Thanks for stopping by!