Faith Walk

Every one of us is in a different season of our journey with God.  It’s a journey not a race.  The goal is not to get there before someone else or even in the same way…there is no “right” way!

FaithWalkLeavesAt The Park we follow a simple four step path for that journey.
1.  Connect
2.  Invite
3.  Grow
4.  Serve

Here’s the beauty to this path.  It’s not linear or simple.  Rather it’s unique to who you are and how you connect with Christ yourself.  You may mix the steps together or even start with step 3 then go to 1 then 4 then 2!!!  Or maybe you cycle through the four steps again and again…all in one day!!!!

The purpose for laying out these steps is not for the sake of telling or directing or even worse…demanding you do it our way!  Instead, at The Park we want to help you find where you are on your journey with God, help you fully engage, and then purposefully move further along that journey by taking the next step.